EXM 2: Franchise Fatigue


This week on the sophomore edition of The Exclamation Mark: the Star Wars: Battlefront game announcement is exciting, Anita Sarkeesian is influential, Heroes of the Storm gets a launch date, Twitch streamers send a dude into the woods, and gamers say farewell to 2K Australia. The Dialogue Tree discussion is about game franchises with Annual Releases: are we loving this cavalcade of content? Or does the practice diminish the quality of games and cause gamers franchise fatigue? We’re playing games about hockey and superheroes, and we have all new inventory management recommendations!

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EXM 1: Rusty Sidewalk Crack


This week on the first ever inaugural episode of the EXM podcast: Who are Crofton, Jeff, and Beau? And why are we doing this podcast? We start things off by talking Bloodborne, Blackrock Mountain for Hearthstone, and Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, the latest Deus Ex announcement, music games are coming back from vacation, will you game on the new Apple wristwatch, exploring space and hockey in the games we’ve been playing, we hold a Dialogue Tree about console exclusives, and our first ever Inventory Management and Mastergame Theatre! All that, and more, on this episode of EXM!